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Attention to trifles creates perfection, but perfection is no longer a trifle ... When we want to add elegance, sophistication and sophistication to our image, we add small, by and large, meaningless wardrobe details. However, it is these nuances that will later tell true connoisseurs of impeccable taste and style about us, if not all, very much ...
The same rule applies when filling the interior with accessories, especially when it comes to collection design items ... And this is not the fashion of today. It always has been.
Accessories, created in the middle of the last century by such cult masters as Gio Ponti, Ettore Sottsass, Toni Zuccheri, Lino Tagliapietra (our contemporary, however, is not inferior in terms of the skill level of his legendary predecessors), modernity as amulets of the times of the Egyptian pharaohs.
For these items are a real hunt for collectors at auctions all over the world. Designers and artists to this day draw inexhaustible inspiration from the product lines of those years.
And if you are a happy owner of artistic taste and know firsthand about the principles of the golden section and the postulates of the laws of composition, which undoubtedly speaks of you as a fully educated and erudite personality, possession of these objects will fill you with genuine joy and inspiration.
We want to sincerely hope that products of production houses with such a great history as Barovier & Toso, Venini and a number of others, which we proudly present today, will bring you not only spiritual joy, but rather an excellent investment - for you, your children and, of course, your grandchildren. After all, the past centuries art works value’ increasing principle toward the present has not been canceled, and the whole history of mankind is an excellent example for this statement.