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Some moments have a taste of eternity (Marc Levy).
It is probably difficult to imagine a comfortable home without the quiet sound of slowly moving watch movements. Such an element of the interior has always been and will not be a luxury, but a necessity.
Especially when we talk about large cities and metropolitan areas. Even with a huge amount of a variety of gadgets today, the clock - as such, both individual subject - are still not without its direct purpose.
Time to rise in the morning so as not to be late for work or to catch a sports club, the time to lay the child a meal, meeting with friends and time of arrival of the long-awaited guests - almost mechanically every minute we throw a glance at the clock, and the subconscious mind catches moments of joy or disappointment, depending on the circumstances of a particular life situation.
However, like any other element of the interior, in addition to its functional purpose, the clock plays a significant role in the stylistic and visual perception of space. And here, in respect of clocks as the collections design objects, in truth, there is no equal...
We will be pleased to offer you options for any type of accommodation: table, wall or floor clocks.
Yes, for such items, of course and necessarily, you need to identify and highlight a special worthy place in the interior. And in this matter we are ready to offer you several options for the location, if you send us a photo of the proposed premises.