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Nowadays the collectors’ design items use in interior theme is one of the most high-profile and prestigious areas in the decoration art field, not only in respect of the private residences, but as well as the public premises.
The presence of furniture relating to the collection design, both vintage, mid-19th century, and modern, makes the interior not only beautiful but also symbolic, declares the high status of the object, makes it unique.
Items of collectible designer furniture, used in the interior, create a unique aura in it, due to its historical value. Along with painting, they are not simply furniture, but belong to objects of art that will surround you in everyday life, daily pleasing with their grace.
The number of items created by the great designers of the last century is limited. Today it is still possible to purchase them, but the quantity is decreasing and the cost is increasing. We offer you items created by such iconic designers as Gio Ponti, Angello Mangerotti, Marco Zanuso, Luciano Frigerio.