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Ceiling Lamps

The use of collection design chandeliers in the interior is now one of the main trends. Chandeliers belonging to the middle of the last century, created by such significant manufacturers as Stilnovo, Aredoluce, Fontanaarte, are of extraordinary value, it is absolutely impossible to repeat these items.
A special place in the list of collectors designer light is taken up by the subjects of the sign Italian designer Gino Sarfatti and Gabriella Crespi, which are the main collectors of Europe and the USA who go crazy. In our country, they are still little known, but our gallery will try to fill this gap.
We offer you a collection designer light from the most iconic designers of the time, among them Pietro Chiesa, Max Ingrand, Angello Lelli.
All subjects have been examined by the best experts in Europe and are authentic.
Investing in collectible design items, especially lighting items, is one of the most profitable and safe investments, allowing you not only to admire the wonderful works of great designers from the middle of the last century, but also to multiply your investments, as demand and cost for them grows annually.