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Angelo Lelli

Angelo Lelli is an Italian lighting designer and founder of Arredoluce. A cult designer, whose biography is known very little. Nevertheless, he was an active and influential participant in the post-war Italian design boom and is today considered the protagonist of modernist lighting design, along with his most successful contemporaries such as Gino Sarfatti from Arteluce and Giuseppe Ostuni from Oluce .
Paolo Angelo Lelli was born in Ancona, but later moved with his family to Milan. In Milan, Lelli worked for some time, but after marrying the born in Monza, Rosa Bianca Bussetti, the couple moved to Monza. And although there is little available biographical information, we know that he began producing lamps in his house in Monza in 1943 and that in 1946 he advertised his Tris lamp in Domus magazine. The lamp, equipped with rotary mechanisms and adjustable position of lampshades, ideally fit into the main trend of the 1950s - functionalism.
In 1947, he founded in Monza Arredoluce, a leading manufacturer of furniture and lighting. In the same year, at the VIII Triennale in Milan, he exhibited a 12128 lamp, which became known as the Triennale floor lamp. Among the most famous works besides Triennale are the Stella chandelier, the Tris floor lamp (1946), the Eye floor lamp (1950), the President table lamp (1970) and the 1964 Cobra table lamp, which is famous for its unique shape and low voltage, used when turning on the transformer at its base. Collectors also appreciate his earlier lanterns with floral motifs, which are very rare in the mid-century collectors design market.
He became an influential designer in post-war Italy, in the field of modern lighting design. In the 1950s, Arredoluce began collaborating with designers such as Franco Albini, Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Vico Magistretti, Gio Ponti and Etio Sottsass (Ettore Sottsass), and also began to experiment with halogen lamps for their projects. As a result of these experiments, Lelia expanded the use of transformers for his projects and created the recognizable Arredoluce switch.
Arredoluce quickly gained a reputation as a high-quality products manufacturer based on its clean, simple and functional design and due to Angelo Lelli’s unique approach to design. Arredoluce lasted until the late 1970s.