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Deda Barattini

Italian post-war and contemporary artist and sculptor Deda Barattini was born and raised on the shores of Lake Como. After graduation from the Brera Academy of Arts in Milan, Deda became an active exhibitor and resident of galleries in Milan. She had her first solo exhibition in 1978. Her major international exhibitions include White Space in Denmark (2000), Casa Fabbri at Sothebys in Lugano (2002) and International Artists Meeting in Turkey (2010, 2011). Barattinis works also fill some of the best private art collections.
Deda Barattini works in different media, but her work is always united by a desire not to depict the essence of things, but to create new perceptions. She achieves this through experimental plays with colours, textures, shapes and other properties of natural materials such as glass, stone and wood, which dominate Barattinis projects. Dedas works are simultaneously abstract and concrete, they do not show the chosen natural material in the usual light, but reveal its hidden qualities of radiance, transparency and weightlessness. It is emotion and sensuality expressed in a form that deconstructs the metaphysical values of the object and its properties to give Barattinis works an ephemeral sense of unity with the gifts of our planet and a presence of being here and now.