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Silvio Cavatorta

Cavatorta, a family-run company, was founded in Rome in 1869 by Silvios father Eugenio Cavatorta. The company only produced furniture in small series, and its main customers were embassies, hotels and cruise ships. Each piece created by Cavatorta was designed exclusively for each individual order.
In the 1930s Silvio took over the family company, which began to receive major orders from international organizations and ministries. Silvio Cavatorta was the first to present Italian modernist design during a conference on Scandinavian furniture. During this time the Cavatorta company continued to grow in popularity, focusing on design objects for public spaces, the most famous of which were the first-class lobby and dining room at the Hotel Andrea Doria.
Although most of the famous object designers of the time used industrial production methods, Cavatorta remained faithful to its own standards of hand-made production using high quality materials, for which it is highly regarded in the collectible design market today.