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Silvio Cavatorta

The family company Cavatorta was established in Rome in 1869 by the father of Silvio: Eugenio Cavatorta. The company produced its furniture only in small and exclusive series, its main customers being embassies, hotels, schools and ships. Each furniture fitting was designed uniquely for each specific commission.
During the 1930’s, Silvio started to lead the company, which started to obtain prestigious commissions for international organizations and ministries. Silvio Cavatorta was the first to present northern modernist designs in Italy during a conference on Scandinavian furniture. During this time the Cavatorta’s company continued to obtain big commissions, the most famous of which must have been the first class dining room of the Andrea Doria.
While most other well-known and loved designers embraced the industrial methods of production and reproduction in the second part of the 20th century, the Cavatorta company remains truthful to its own standards in its rejection of large and industrial production in favour of fine material and craft. Due to these unique commissions, the family-company’s craft and material-oriented style of production combined with a cosmopolitan interest stretching beyond Italian design, Cavatorta’s furniture remains unique, rare and of a very high quality, aesthetically as well as in its construction.