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Collector’s dreams. Maxim Boxer Wish List.

Pieces from MIRRA Gallery collection became a part of the exhibition «Collector’s dreams. Maxim Boxer Wish List» which was organized in partnership with In Artibus Foundation.
The exhibition project was based on the idea of Anton Belov (director of GARAGE Contemporary Art Museum) and presents an installation of art pieces, graphics, crafts and design pieces from various periods and countries, in the basis of which was the private collection of Maxim Boxer. Boxer’s collection was united with pieces from museums, galleries and private collections, which allowed all the art lovers and collectors dive into the «secret labyrinth of art», compare and contrast new and old masterpieces and explore a theme of collecting in general, inspiring the visitors to open up their own «Which List».
Curator’s - Maxim Boxer and Vladislav Efimov
Idea’s author - Anton Belov