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Stilnovo is a famous lighting brand that dominated the international design scene from the 1950s through the 1980s, and is still regarded as a benchmark in the history of Italian lighting design.
Founded by Bruno Gatta in 1946 in Milan, Stilnovo has been considered as the most significant lighting manufacturer for decades. In 1947 Stilnovo has participated in the 8th Triennale di Milano and immediately activated its marketing communication campaign in order to attract the attention of the design world.
In 1949 Bruno Gatta partnered with his brother Paolo to open Stilnovo Srl, with a share capital of 400,000 Italian Lire. In 1951 Stilnovo has participated in the 9th Triennale di Milano and the fair in Oslo, presenting various collections of lightings. In 1954 Stilnovo wins the Silver Medal at the 10th Triennale di Milano, and one year later in 1955 The 2061 lamp was the first Stilnovo object to be selected at the prestigious Compasso dOro.
In 1956 Stilnovo achieves a share capital of 4,000,000 Italian Lire, a tenfold increase in just seven years, which demonstrates the absolute success of the firm. In 1959, Stilnovo becomes a Joint Stock Company, developing many contract projects including the Galfa Tower in Milan, designed by Melchiorre Bega. In 1968 the BBPR, Joe Colombo, Angelo Mangiarotti, Ettore Sottsass, Marcello Pietrantoni, Roberto Lucci, Danilo and Corrado Aroldi started to work with Stilnovo.
Throughout the 1960s Stilnovo has attracted the interest of the historic Domus magazine, becoming an essential point of reference for the most prestigious names of Italian design, such as Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Joe Colombo, Danilo and Corrado Aroldi, Roberto Beretta, Antonio Macchi Cassia, the De Pas DUrbino Lomazzi studio, Ettore Sottsass, Cini Boeri, and Gae Aulenti who have all designed memorable pieces for the initially small, Milan-based company.
In 1972 Stilnovo takes part in the show Italy, the New Domestic Landscape at the MoMA in New York, where the Periscopio and Nuvola lamps became part of the permanent collection. However, in 1988, after decades of success confirmed by the many lights displayed in the worlds most important design museums, Stilnovo stopped in its tracks, along a path on which it had set out in the 1940s.
Nevertheless, in 2019 the Linea Light Group - a global leader in LED lighting, acquired Stilnovo to relaunch the brand in the modern world and continuing a history begun more than 70 years ago. The project is focused on reissuing important iconic products and on the involvement of new figures in Italian and international design in the development of unprecedented objects is just some of the projects on the Stilnovo agenda, always guaranteeing a 100% Made in Italy product. Among the most recent reissues we find the iconic Piega lamp, designed in 1984.